What is Delirium?

Delirium is an artistic endeavor designed to bring visitors a unique entertainment experience.
Part themed pop-up bar, part art installation and part performance,
each season of Delirium will envelop you in a new, fully realized world.

It's a pop-up bar with themed cocktails, amazing desserts and charcuterie for purchase.
This unique affair only runs a few nights per week - do not miss it!

Guests interact with the twisted creations of:
Melissa May, Emily Williams, Claire Voyant, Andrew Novick and Scott Happel.

Location: HQ at 60 South Broadway, Denver, CO 80209
All tickets are sold as a table for 2 and include entry for 2 people.  Run time ~75 minutes.

***HQ Requires Proof of Covid Vaccination***

Current Show:
South Pole: The Cave Of Yuletide Villains

We all know Santa lives in the North Pole, but here you will join the annual meeting of the Yuletide Villains in their lair at the South Pole.
It's a fun and funny experience hosted by Scut Farkus, with visits from Frau Perchta, Belsnickel, the Yule Cat, Badalisc and even Scrooge!
This is a great alternative to all of the Christmas activities.
Learn about the pre-Christmas alpine traditions and lore.
Come have some themed cocktails, charcuterie and desserts!
Most Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays until December 26th, 2021
(advance tickets required)
Created by Melissa May, Emily Williams, Claire Voyant, Scott Happel and Andrew Novick
Tickets Here

Past Show:
The Devil's Instrument

The Devil's Instrument, where we travel to a Victorian parlor and a dark story unfolds... September 19th - October 31st, 2021